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Amy Grams began her career in the public accounting sector after graduating from the University of California, Berkeley, in 1990. She spent many years with a then “Big 6” accounting firm in San Francisco.  From there, she followed the path of many and went to work for her Fortune 500 client. After progressing through the Finance Department, Amy decided it was time to stay home with her son.  Always looking to learn new things and challenge herself, Amy studied nutrition. Upon graduation, she began her own business as a nutrition educator and coach. After a while, Amy decided it was time to get back into the world of accounting, ultimately leading her to a controllership position for a local real estate investment firm. After several years there, Amy landed here at Mengali Accountancy. 


Upon joining the Mengali Accountancy team, Amy says that she is “impressed and grateful to be working for people who go out of their way to protect, nurture and grow their team.” Additionally, it’s “wonderful to have others to bounce ideas and problems.” Coming from a “one woman” show, this has been very important to

Amy. She is driven by process improvements. She is always looking for ways to make processes smoother and more efficient. Reducing the stress level of her clients brings her great joy!


Amy grew up in suburban Chicago before moving to California as a junior in high school.  She loves

cooking and trying new recipes. If given the time, she would “make everything from scratch... my broth,

my bread, my soap.”  She loves the idea of being self-sufficient and more earth-friendly. Amy is

passionate about the healing power of food. She developed this passion while raising her son, after

researching the role of diet in brain development. Ultimately, she switched her family to a whole

foods diet.

In addition to nutrition, Amy is a major dog lover! Her prior puppy was a 140 lb.

English Mastiff! She now has an 18 lb. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. But, she feels

that her son is her “greatest accomplishment”.  He’s currently a college student in

Boulder, Colorado where he gets to pursue his love for endurance running. 

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