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Andrea joined the Mengali Accountancy Team in the spring of 2021 with over 20 years of accounting and bookkeeping experience. Her accounting career started when she was introduced to QuickBooks while working for the first company to produce commercial grade naturally colored cotton. The company was started in Bakersfield and later moved to Arizona. Drawn to the uniqueness of the product Andrea relocated to Arizona to continue working with Sally Fox.

After experiencing life out of California for a couple years, Andrea missed the lifestyle of Northern California and returned to Sonoma County where she continued to work in accounting as a bookkeeper for several local businesses.

Andrea enjoys the sense of order and organization that comes with bookkeeping for smaller businesses.  She also enjoys interacting with customers and likes to be of service addressing the accounting needs of her clients. After working for several smaller family-owned businesses, Andrea’s desire for a larger scale and more structured environment landed her at Mengali Accountancy.

Andrea’s first impressions of Mengali Accountancy was that of strong leadership and a clear mission, organized and efficient. Now, several months into her tenure, “my first impressions were accurate!”  She further appreciates, “the rigor with which the firm observes procedures, the generosity and support shown to the team, highly responsive leadership and commitment to clients”.


Andrea was born in San Francisco, but her family moved to a small ranch outside Calistoga as a

child. She enjoyed the simplicity of Calistoga but today prefers to live in Sonoma County.  Andrea

appreciates the culture and access to diverse recreation in Sonoma County. As an outdoor

enthusiast, Andrea likes the central location of Sonoma County for easier access to the beach,

mountains, and San Francisco.

Andrea’s two sons have always been her top priority and she enjoys spending as much time with

them, as possible. A couple times a year you can find her visiting her oldest on the east coast

who is in training to be a nuclear engineer in the Navy. She also has the good fortune to see

her youngest more frequently while he attends Santa Rosa Junior College.

There are a lot of outdoor activities in the Wills household. In her younger years Andrea was

an avid kayaker, having kayaked the majority of rivers in the pacific northwest including parts

of Canada and the Grand Canyon. However, she retired her kayak when she started a family

several years ago. With her boys grown and out on their own she is rediscovering her love of the

outdoors and has taken up bicycling. Most weekends you can find Andrea on her road bike,

appreciating the beauty of Sonoma County.

In addition to her love of the outdoors, Andrea LOVES to travel. To date she has visited China,

India, Moorea, Belize, Costa Rica, and Europe as well as several areas within the United States.

Still on the list are, “Iceland, Cambodia, and Croatia in the next couple of years”.

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