Cathy Palmatier

Buddy Mengali has been an essential part of the Mengali Accountancy team for nearly 10 years. He is best known for his calm, positive nature and cheerleading the team through busy times. Buddy’s background includes a stretch as Head of A/R Collections but he quickly rose to senior leadership; he was promoted to Director of Client Relations after six months on the job! He shares a deep commitment to our core values, especially the saying, “We are sincere about what we do; it’s not just a job.”


With his strong features and impressive strut, Buddy is clearly well-groomed for his role as the face of Mengali Accountancy. He is also a strong supporter of healthy living and encourages frequent walks. You may often spot Buddy checking his “mail” during one of his regular outings around the office park or diligently supervising the team during the company’s weekly Friday lunches.


Buddy currently resides in Geyserville with his son, Perps, and several attendants who manage his housekeeping, culinary requests, and daily D-Uber™ rides to and from work.