Cathy Palmatier

Cathy Palmatier joined the Mengali Accountancy team in early 2015 and proved immediately to be an asset to the company. She brings with her 40 years of experience including a background in bookkeeping. Cathy’s experience includes working as an Assistant Bookkeeper at Jones Brothers Construction in Beverly Hills as well as bookkeeping for two local firms in Larkfield, Ideas to Images and Larkfield Publishing.


Cathy explains, “I love numbers! I guess I just gravitated towards it because that’s the way my brain works; numbers are so logical.”


Cathy modestly expresses she likes to work in the background but her assistance is obvious to the team. “I like things to be orderly,” she states, “I like things to go smoothly and I like to help that happen.”


Cathy grew up in Phoenix, Arizona where she also met her husband, Gary — she was only 12

when they first met! The couple married 6 years later and they have now been married for

43 years! Cathy moved to Rosemead with her husband in 1977, where all three of their

daughters were born. The family made their final move to Santa Rosa in 1991 — where Cathy

and Gary have lived in the same house ever since.


In her off-time, Cathy can be found either at home (where she also works remotely),

running errands, or in the ministry. Cathy loves spending time with her husband, her

daughters, and their families. In the evenings, she and Gary spend time together

watching old movies or old TV shows, and playing games like Trivial Pursuit and

Bananagrams. On Saturdays, you might find her picnicking with her husband. “We

usually pick a winery with a good view and good wine!” she says.


On Sundays she attends meeting at the Kingdom Hall for Bible instruction and fellowship.

Cathy became one of Jehovah's Witnesses in 1984, when she was almost 30. She reveals, “I'm

not a big talker, but I do enjoy talking to people about the Bible. I really love the Bible and its

Author.” All of Cathy’s volunteer time is involved in Bible education and she shares, “I love it

because when someone learns what the Bible teaches about the future, they are happy.”

Cathy’s hobbies include crossword puzzles — especially funny ones. She also enjoys gardening and balancing checkbooks.

Cathy Palmatier