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Cindy joined Mengali Accountancy in early 2021 and brings many years of accounting experience to the table.  After working industry and with other firms (including her own!), Cindy was able to find a home, REMOTELY, at Mengali Accountancy.

Cindy finds “comfort in numbers and logic.”  Additionally, “Mengali’s strong integrity really resonates with me.”  The values that are so important to the Mengali Organization truly align with her own.  For Cindy, “this is a group of honest people that genuinely care about each other, their clients, and the work they do.” 

Additionally, Cindy thrives on helping her clients and feels her time as an auditor honed the skills she uses today.  She gets great satisfaction from the relationships that are so important along with balancing and reconciling accounts and numbers


Cindy graduated with a BA in Management from Golden Gate University in 2015 and received her CPA license in 2019.


Cindy grew up in Eastside San Jose, California with a childhood centered around horses.  Her summers were

spent “giving horseback lessons, cleaning stalls, exercising horses, and trail guiding for the Tully Road

Stables”. When she started her own family, she moved to the Cambrian area of San Jose.  Once her

daughter was in college, off to Shingle Springs they went.

You can find her on any given weekend hiking with her beloved Labs, scuba diving, gardening, biking or

trap shooting. A bi-annual trip to Maui is also in the mix where she, and husband Lee, were married.  Her

love of physical challenges and animals keeps her outdoors. She completed a Tough Mudder and is an

Olympic style weightlifter.  Her affinity for animals has her saving “bees, spiders, lizards and snakes

(except rattlers and black widows). 

Additionally, Cindy keeps blooming plants in her yard year-round due to her soft spot for bees. 

She’d love to take up beekeeping one day!


Finally, Cindy tries to live her life with honor and integrity... a gift from her beloved father who

passed in 1992.

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