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Jennifer Callaway started her accounting career in 2004 where, prior to joining Mengali Accountancy, she spent many years with a local accounting firm. Initially, her focus was on accounting for a restaurant chain; however, she eventually migrated to Tax because of her interest in the business aspect of accounting.

Jennifer enjoys accounting due to the checks and balances. She gets “a sense of satisfaction from the fact the balance sheets always balance, and I love how there is always an answer in accounting.” She LOVES the grind of tax season! She became familiar with Mengali Accountancy several years ago when she worked on a mutual client with Renee Mengali. The work product received from Mengali Accountancy “was so clean it made the tax preparation super easy. After working for Mengali, I understand why!” She enjoys looking for ways to garner efficiencies and create process to make things run smoothly.

Jennifer graduated with BS in Accountancy in 2004 from California State University –

Northridge and received her Enrolled Agent license in 2018. She joined Mengali Accountancy in January of 2021.


Jennifer, a self-proclaimed foodie, soccer mom, and travel junkie, lives in Rincon Valley with her

daughter (Taylor), fiancé (Dion) and two bull dogs (Mac & Fiona)! While she grew up in Marin County,

she now calls Sonoma County home. 

In her free time, you can find her running Taylor between soccer games and practices, working

out, gardening, chasing sunrise and sunsets, and checking out the newest restaurants in the

area. Jennifer was raised where meals were an event, and she has replicated that in her own

family. “Our typical Saturday night would be cooking an amazing meal together, having a

spontaneous dance party in the living room, and watching a movie with our dogs.”

When Jennifer is in travel junkie mode, she is literally all over the globe!  As a certified

scuba diver, she’s always looking for the next great diving experience. She loves diving in

Belize (and who wouldn’t?) due to the amazing scenery; however, her most memorable

travel experience was a three-week safari to Tanzania and Kenya. She says, “it was a

life changing experience”. Her life’s motto, which she strives hard to follow, is “fill

your life with experiences, not things. Have stories to tell, not things to show.”

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