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Jennifer Wicklund brought 15 years of Staff Accountant experience with her when she joined the Mengali Accountancy team in the fall of 2020.


Prior to entering the accounting field, Jennifer had been working in the customer service and restaurant industries and was desiring to be a part of a more stable industry. Having always done well in math, her natural ability led her to the accounting field. Jennifer’s background includes over 10 years working with G&C Autobody, working her way from Bookkeeper to Senior Staff Accountant during her tenure.


Jennifer admits that, though not actively seeking other employment, an outside recruiter reached out to her regarding an opportunity with Mengali Accountancy. Intrigued by the prospect, Jennifer acknowledges, “It was an opportunity to learn more and grow as an individual.”


Upon meeting Renee Mengali, Jennifer confirms she was impressed by the overall culture of the firm stating, “I felt that this would be a great place to hone skills and

learn more.” Jennifer confessed this impression ended up being emphasized more as she went through the hiring process with Debbie and Keith. Jennifer maintains that feeling has not changed since joining Mengali expressing, “the culture is still outstanding and gives a good work-life balance, collaborative teamwork, and a general sense of accomplishment.”

Jennifer holds an Associate of Science Degree in General Education from SRJC along with a Certificate in Computerized Accounting from Empire Business College. Jennifer is currently enrolled at SNHU and is actively working toward her Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting.”


Growing up in Santa Rosa, the heart of Sonoma County, Jennifer made the easy decision to keep her roots

firmly set in her hometown confessing, “I love it here!” Despite her love for her hometown, Jennifer is keen

on traveling and shares, “I have been to Italy and Ireland, but I would like to see more of Europe, the US,

and eventually visit Australia and New Zealand.” Jennifer can also be spotted taking more domestic trips

with her daughter to Disneyland, Lake Tahoe, or Arizona and Florida to visit family.


Outside of the office, you will most likely find Jennifer at Kenpo Karate. “In 2015 my daughter

started Kenpo Karate. After her first world tournament, I was inspired to join in 2018,” she

reveals. Jennifer is currently working on her material towards blue belt. Jennifer also enjoys

working in her garden, spending time with family and friends, listening to live music, and

reading. “I listen to almost all types of music, but mostly enjoying seeing live rock or country

music and will usually try to see live music once a month,” she acknowledges adding,

“I like to have music on all the time.”


Additionally, Jennifer has an affinity for experimenting in the kitchen; often

developing new recipes or tweaking old ones. “I BBQ a lot and have created

some great seasoning mixes and marinades,” she shares and adds, “I also enjoy

baking; after a trip to Italy, I decided to learn how to make Schiacciata - a Tuscan

flatbread similar to focaccia.”


It may surprise you to learn that Jennifer considers herself very shy and reserved, especially since

she has such a courageous side. In her early thirties, Jennifer embarked on a new experience and

started playing soccer admitting, “I had never played before!” Jennifer now plays keeper and

defense on a women’s outdoor recreational soccer team called Fusion.


Furthermore, Jennifer has a passion for continuing education both professionally and personally

professing, “I believe that when you stop learning you stop living.” With a devotion to helping others reach their

potential, Jennifer relishes in encouraging people to continually learn, “whether it be for a job/career or just for


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