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John Smallen joined the Mengali Accountancy team during the height of the Covid pandemic in 2020 but he didn’t let that prevent him from sharing some of his greatest assets with the firm; his collaborative skills and willingness to work hard.


John’s interest in the accounting field was spurred by years of working in retail management and the hospitality industry, coupled with experience he gained from working within various teams; staying agile enough to adapt to fluid responsibilities and tasks. His background includes working at Allen Wine Group and Oakville Grocery as part of the Accounting team.


John confirms he is, “passionate about learning and evolving, both personally and professionally,” and considers himself a lifelong learner. “What drives my passion professionally is being part of a high-functioning team, working in a culture which exemplifies vision and goals, and the continuation of learning skills in the industry,” he affirms.

John considers each day he comes to work with the team a “rewarding experience”

and goes on to shares his opinion that the Mengali culture “promotes a collaborative spirit, integrity, and value - all of which are rewarding, as they allow the team to achieve a higher level of success and accuracy.”


Holding a certification for Xero accounting software, John has also attended the Santa Rosa Junior College and earned his Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Phoenix.


A native of Sonoma County, John spent his life growing up around the county between

Sebastopol, Santa Rosa, and Windsor. However, for the past 22 years, John has called Healdsburg

his home.


Away from the office, John enjoys his time at home with his wife; cooking and playing games while

listening to their record collection. On the weekends, you might find John taking drives to the beach

with his wife, going on walks with the dog, exploring the many delicious dining options around the

county, or spending quality time in the company of his family and friends. “It is always a great day

when I can see my daughter - we will have her over at the house or will go for a drive and explore

fun things to do,” John affirms.


Maintaining many distinctive hobbies, John takes pleasure in playing music (drums, bass, and guitar),

golfing, hiking, cooking, listening to music, reading, and engaging in the occasional video game.

“My two personal passions are music and cooking - neither of which I would pursue professionally,”

John admits and continues, “Instead, I keep these as fun hobbies, but ones that I can do reasonably

well and continue to learn throughout the rest of my life.” As a lifelong learner, John believes that these

hobbies fulfill his thirst for wanting to learn and be better at something. “One can never stop learning

how to play an instrument or how to cook great food,” he maintains.


It may surprise you to learn that John was previously a lifeguard for 3 years and, while fishing in Hawaii

once, he used his lifesaving skills to save someone from choking by performing abdominal thrusts.

John’s unique background also includes going skydiving at the age of 18 and making a studio album

with a band; performing their songs at small spots around Sonoma County. Additionally, John insists he

cannot dance.

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