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With an accounting career that spreads across 25 years, Kim had her first exposure to accounting right out of high school. After working in the accounting department in the automotive industry, she decided to get an associates degree. From there, her experience began in multifamily property management.

After facing some career challenges, Kim faced those challenges head on! She turned that associates degree in accounting to a bachelor's degree in accounting. She then turned that bachelor’s degree in accounting to a Master’s degree. Upon completing her Master’s degree, Kim was looking for “a more challenging opportunity that would utilize my education and provide a wide range of experience.”

Kim was also looking for an organization that champions working remotely (“Mengali has THE BEST work-from-home setup that I’ve encountered”), community involvement and where she’d feel comfortable. She found all of that, and more, at Mengali.

Kim earned her Masters in Accounting from Western Governors University in 2020.


Kim is a lifelong Texan, spending most of her life in the great town of Lubbock (think Buddy Holly

and Patrick Mahomes). She met her husband in an oil field town and he convinced her to move

to Sonoma County. When she’s not working, you can find Kim hiking with her family (including

the family dog who knows the word “hike”)! Kim loves the outdoors and takes advantage of

the beautiful Sonoma County weather as much as possible. She’s honing her gardening

skills (that’s a work in process!). 


In addition to all the outdoors time, Kim is in a weekly bowling league. She’d never bowled

prior to joining the league. That’s bravery! She’s an avid animal lover whose dream job

would be to have an animal rescue. 

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