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Having been in the Bay Area for more than 15 years, Linda’s career has spanned more than 30 years in real estate development, general contracting, and homebuilding. Her experience and expertise had all been in the private sector until joining Mengali Accountancy in the fall of 2021. Linda’s first position was with a real estate investment firm where she discovered the knack for accounting. That encouraged her to quickly go back to school where she earned her BS in Management followed by an MBA.

Linda loves working with numbers and enjoys the satisfaction that comes from reconciliations.  She loves digging into numbers that aren’t working and determining how to fix them. Additionally, Linda enjoys working on projects and the conclusions when everything balances and is reflected the way she anticipated it. 


One of the main reasons Linda joined Mengali Accountancy because she was “most impressed with the energy and excitement I saw from Renee Mengali and those

that work for the firm”. Transitioning from the private sector to public has been rewarding and challenging! She confirms that “it’s been great to learn more about public accounting.” She loves that she gets to meet new people and work with a team that is supportive and communicative. 


When Linda isn’t working, she loves spending time with her family. Additionally, Linda spends a

lot of time with Girls Scouts. She’s troop leader AND a unit leader. Linda says, “I love how

Girls Scouts encourages girls to be leaders, and to be independent and strong women!”

She finds working with the girls to be inspiring and she loves seeing them grow and


Additionally, Linda is an avid crocheter. You can often find her crocheting a blanket

for the newest baby!  Many of her friends and family have these handmade

treasures in their homes. As if Girl Scouts and crocheting aren’t enough, Linda is

also a baker. She loves making cakes and her current focus is enhancing her

decorating skills.

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