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Interested in relocating from Rapid City, SD to Sonoma County, CA, Mandy began researching Mengali Accountancy after coming across an employment listing admitting, “When I first started researching the firm, it looked like an amazing place to work. I didn't want to move away from our friends and family for just any job. I wanted to make sure that wherever I ended up was going to be worth the sacrifices we were making to move.” Adding, “When I saw that they had been voted one of the best places to work, I thought it would be worth checking out. After flying out and meeting with the partners, I knew if I got the job, it would be worth it.” Mandy proudly joined the Mengali Accountancy team in 2019.


Mandy’s first introduction into the accounting field came at the age of 10 when she would assist at the CPA firm her mom worked for. And in 2009, that introduction would finally come full circle when Mandy took a position with her mom’s own bookkeeping business. Mandy’s background also includes working for Prairie Harvest Specialty Meat Co. as a Bookkeeper, as well as spending nearly 8 years with DeSmet and Biggs, LLP as a Staff Accountant.

Even though Mandy has always enjoyed numbers and math, she initially pursued becoming a psychology major when she first began college. Once learning of the lengthy schooling period required for psychology, she decided to change her major to accounting. Mandy received her Bachelor of Science in Professional Accountancy from Black Hills State University in 2011. Mandy is also a licensed Certified Public Accountant.


A native of South Dakota, Mandy grew up in Whitewood, eventually moving to Rapid City shortly after graduating college. Mandy remained in Rapid City until relocating to Sonoma County in 2019, with her husband, Jason, and their son. When Mandy and her husband learned in early 2019, that he could keep his job and work from anywhere,

they began thinking about where “anywhere” could be.  Sonoma County quickly became the

obvious choice to them. “Jason and I fell in love with Sonoma County and its various towns after

our first trip out here. We loved it so much we ended up coming back at least once a year after

that and getting married out here,” she confesses.  


Away from the office, Mandy can be found spending time with her husband, their son, and two

beagles. When time permits, Mandy has a true enjoyment for reading, biking, hiking, or being

outdoors in general. “I love getting a good workout in!” she expresses. Additionally, as an

avid wine and beer enthusiast, Mandy often plans her vacations around sources of good beer

or wine and, likewise, will seek out new restaurants to try on her quests to sample new types

of food.


Prior to the birth of her son, Mandy’s passions included traveling, admitting, “I couldn't

wait to visit all the fabulous places the world has to offer!” and adds with a smile,

“I am still passionate about traveling, but travel plans have been put on hold for

the foreseeable future until my son can better appreciate the world around



You may be surprised to learn that Mandy paid her own way through college,

with little to no help from scholarships, and graduated without any student

loans revealing, “I basically worked 2 or 3 jobs the entire time I was in college.”


With a love for being able to help people out, every year Mandy tries to buy gifts for the Angel Tree; a program started by the Salvation Army to provide free gifts to disadvantaged children. “I feel bad for the children who wouldn't get gifts otherwise,” she affirms. Mandy also tries to support humane societies whenever possible and will donate to any charity that helps animals or dogs and vents, “It breaks my heart to see all the abused and abandoned animals in the world that just want love.”

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