Rachel Howell

Rachel’s introduction into the accounting field came naturally to her. It all began when she took over the bookkeeping for her dad’s construction company at the age of 16. With an affinity for numbers (financial, that is), Rachel took an elective accounting course her sophomore year in high school and never looked back. Over the past 20 years she has held accounting positions in health care and real estate, working her way up from Staff Accountant to Controller/Business Manager.


After successfully winding down the company that she formerly called home, Rachel took some time to re-evaluate her goals. Having always desired some exposure to working for an accounting firm, Mengali Accountancy seemed like a great fit to her explaining, “The firm’s dedication to professionalism, coupled with an emphasis on work-life balance, was exactly what I was looking for with my next opportunity.”


Rachel truly enjoys solving problems and providing navigation through difficult accounting transactions. “Tracking financial performance is interesting to me and I like to be able to ease the minds of folks that find finances either scary or mundane.” With a knack for partnership accounting and real estate acquisitions and dispositions, Rachel recalls one client’s question about how money should be

distributed per the operating agreement, “I loved it! It was right up my alley!”


Rachel earned her Certificate in Bookkeeping from Empire Business College in 1996 and holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Colorado Technical University, which she obtained in 2008.


Rachel moved to Healdsburg in the 1970's as a young child. “My family moved here for the slower

pace and smaller population” she explains. Since then, Rachel has had the pleasure of

watching the small farming town turn into a booming economy with visitors year round

admitting, “I can't blame folks for wanting to visit and live here; it’s a beautiful place to be.”


Most evenings of the week you will likely find Rachel at the gym.  “I am passionate about

Pilates. I practice Pilates several times a week and find it relaxing and fulfilling. But, don't let

anyone kid you - it is a darn hard workout at times!” she insists.


Rachel also enjoys hiking and trail running when the weather is nice. Annadel and Foothill parks

are two of her favorite destinations adding, “My son loves adventuring, so sometimes we have

gone off the beaten path in that pursuit.” On weekends or when Rachel is not able to be

outside, you'll find her spending time with friends and family. “We hang out and just

enjoy each other’s company.”


On a more personal note, Rachel is very passionate about auto-immune disease

research. She reveals, “Having been through some tough health problems with my

own child I am a huge advocate for alternative therapies and continuing research.”


St. Jude's tops her list of favorite non-profit organizations she supports. “They have

partnered with hospitals around the country to provide the most advanced care for pediatric

cancer and auto-immune patients.” Rachel also supports Soroptimist for their celebration of

women and the betterment of our future generations of women.