Lynn Woznicki: The Power of Managing by Values

On June 19, 2012 Mengali Accountancy had the honor of joining Lynn Woznicki, of Woznicki Consulting, in attending the Windsor Chamber Membership Luncheon hosted at Charlie’s Grill at the Windsor Golf Club. Lynn Woznicki was invited as the Guest Speaker to discuss the topic "The Power of Managing by Values: Put your values into action for extraordinary results" and Mengali Accountancy was requested to join as Lynn’s star case study.

Mengali Accountancy's relationship with Lynn began over 2 years ago when Lynn joined the Mengali team at their annual company retreat. Lynn forged a relationship that became invaluable through her guidance by working with Mengali Accountancy to help identify their mission, vision and core values.

At the Windsor Chamber luncheon, Lynn discussed her passion for values work, referencing the book "Managing by Values" as well as her experience. Using a powerful slide-show presentation, Lynn introduced Mengali Accountancy as her case study.

Lynn shared the story and photos of the company’s most recent retreat and the progression from developing their Mission and Vision Statements to identifying their core values and addressing the behaviors associated with those values.

The audience was invited to ask questions of the Mengali Accountancy team and how they had managed to put their collective core values into action since initiating their "Value of the Month" in January 2012.

Take a glance at the "The Power of Managing by Values: Put your values into action for extraordinary results" Power Point Show as originally presented by Lynn Woznicki:

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