A CPA Firm Dedicated to Excellence in the Workplace

Mengali Accountancy was featured in the Women in Business section of The Healdsburg Tribune published September 2014. The Women in Business section is an annual overview of business and professional women and the special newspaper supplement has been published for at least the past 36 years. The issue profiles examples of exceptional female leadership.

"Imagine a workplace that is on the cutting edge of technology, is a leader in the paperless office movement, abides by a set of written values to help ensure camaraderie and collaboration, and has a boss who gathers the employees every Friday for a shared lunch hour. Mengali Accountancy, a boutique CPA firm headquartered in Healdsburg, is all of those things and more, and the staff speaks very highly of the company.


In an environment that encourages growth, the firm’s shared values focus on a caring nature, excellence, integrity, accuracy, dependability, respect, and curiosity. That set of values, written by the staff themselves, has transformed them from people who work in an accounting firm to a team with a shared mission, vision, and work ethic.


The internal energy, expertise, and teamwork flow into the firm’s work with clients and can be felt in the services they provide. Clients of Mengali Accountancy are able to leverage an accounting infrastructure that delivers a level of transparency, efficiency, and convenience typically available only to enterprise-level organizations."

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