Spari Uchida

It’s easy to see why Spari Uchida is such a great fit at Mengali Accountancy; her passion for numbers. “I like the thrill of the hunt,” she states, “The problem-solving that comes with getting numbers to balance and knowing why they balance.” This special quality allows Spari to serve our clients in a unique way so that everyone is on the same page. She explains, “If I have a question about something, I tend to orient myself with the issue through a little research and then try to ask more specific questions.”


While working in her previous position as Bookkeeper/Property Manager for Vertical Call (a nonprofit church in Santa Rosa), she was able to pursue and earn her Associate's Degree through the SRJC.


Spari joined the Mengali Accountancy team in 2014. During her tenure with the firm she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Southern New Hampshire University. “I am truly thrilled to be working for such a cutting-edge accountancy firm,” she expresses, “I’m excited to continue my education and become a true professional in the bookkeeping and accountancy field.”

Spari is currently pursuing her CPA certification.


Spari was born in Washington State, but moved to Marin County, California with her parents

when she was seven. Having an aunt that lived in Healdsburg all her life, Spari eventually

decided to move to Sonoma County in 2009 and has remained here ever since.  “I really

love the small towns of Sonoma County,” she exclaims, “And all the wine and food!”

she adds.


Spari’s favorite way to spend weekends is with her husband, Cal, and family;

whether it’s swimming, barbecuing, cooking, or trying new foods. She also really

enjoys history, documentaries, and books on early US presidents and WWII.


You may be surprised to learn that Spari has been skydiving three times… “I have!”

she insists. Next on Spari’s list is traveling and she hopes to include a somewhat long

list of river cruises to her adventures.


Spari is a regular supporter of Wounded Warriors, Salvation Army, and the local

Healdsburg Food Pantry.  “I love the amount of support these organizations provide,”

she explains.

Spari Uchida