Stephanie Luna-Gonzalez

Stephanie Luna-Gonzalez started at Mengali Accountancy as an Administrative Assistant in 2007 but her enthusiasm for problem-solving soon led her to bookkeeping. 


Bilingual in English and Spanish, Stephanie strives to serve a wide range of clients and takes pride in "knowing that our clients are receiving the best service available," she says.  


Stephanie holds an Associate's Degree in Accounting from Empire College.


Stephanie, a Sonoma County native, is grateful for being able to live in the same area where she

grew up. Aside from being nearby to all of her family she asserts, “It’s a beautiful place, so why

leave?” When Stephanie is not working, she enjoys spending quality time with her husband,

Balta, and their daughter, Melina. Stephanie and her husband often take their daughter to the

park, go on bike rides together as a family, go for walks with the dog, or roller blade at the

local skate rink.

On the more adventurous side, you might spot Stephanie taking salsa lessons or going for

rides with her husband on his motorcycle. “He is teaching me to ride, as we have time alone,

so hopefully one day I can also get my license. It's so much fun!” she confesses.


Stephanie also loves teaching Melina about Mexican traditions and her culture and recently took

her to Mexico to visit historical and religious sites in Guanajuato.


Stephanie is an avid supporter of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. “There are so many children

who suffer from cancer and St. Jude's needs our help to save children’s lives,” she explains.

Stephanie Luna-Gonzalez