At Mengali Accountancy, we offer professional tax preparation services for businesses and individuals. We use robust, enterprise-level technology platforms to drive efficiency, accuracy, and secure data retention.


Our core values are excellence, accuracy, integrity, dependability, collaboration, and respect, while providing the highest level of service to our clients.

Mengali Accountancy has a $500 minimum tax preparation fee, due to the complexities brought on by the affordable care act and other recent tax law changes. Depending on the complexities of your tax situation, your fee could be significantly higher than our minimum fee. We can provide you with a fee estimate if you provide us with a copy of your prior year tax return as well as inform us of any relevant changes in the current tax year.




What is included in our Tax Preparation Fee?


Our Tax Preparation Fee includes:


  • We will prepare your current tax year US and CA tax returns from information you provide us.

  • We will prepare Estimated Tax Vouchers for the following tax year, if needed.

  • We will review your tax return with you, in person or via the web (using depending on your personal preference.

  • We will answer simple tax questions that arise during the year. Examples - "What is my marginal tax rate?" or "Is interest on a second mortgage deductible?"

  • We will digitize all tax documents and supporting documents you provide to us for tax preparation purposes and store them electronically and securely for you.


Our Tax Preparation Fee does not include:


  • Responding to inquiries from the IRS or FTB.

  • Representing you in an audit by the IRS or FTB.

  • Amending prior year tax returns.

  • Original document storage. We always return original forms to our clients.

  • Responding to complex tax questions. Examples – "How much tax will we save if we buy a rental home?" or "I just won the lottery! How much will I owe in taxes?"


Please Note: We will be happy to assist you with any of the above items that are not included in our Tax Preparation Fee, but there will be an additional fee for the time spent, billed at our standard hourly rates.

"For a small business like ours, doing the bookkeeping needed to prepare for tax filing is a big deal. It takes a lot of time to do it right and, hopefully, you put dates on things. With Mengali Accountancy there is a confidence that things are being done the right way. The tax returns are easier and more efficient now. It frees us up to do the things we do best."  
-Fred Philpott, Partner | The Stevensville Group