Suzy Witherell, CAP

Teylor first began her administrative experience in 2002 helping in the office at her family's company, Innovative Design Group. After finishing school, Teylor joined State Farm Insurance in an administrative role but was quickly promoted to office management and then managed the agency for over 2 years.

Between 2010 and 2017, Teylor continued increasing her knowledge and experience at a few different insurance agencies throughout Sonoma County, most recently at Rogers and Young Insurance as a Commercial Account Executive, applying her skillset to serve high-value business clients and contractors. While Teylor enjoyed the small family-based business style, she desired something more challenging, finding the perfect combination of family-based business and professional environment here at Mengali Accountancy.

Starting her position at the beginning of 2018, Teylor landed right in the heart of tax season with many deadlines and chaotic days to ensue but states, “I have loved every minute of it,” adding, “The fast-paced and ever-changing environment of a deadline-driven industry excites me and pushes me to turn challenging 

circumstances into rewarding ones.”

Joining Mengali Accountancy in an administrative capacity, Teylor hopes to expand her knowledge in the accounting field expressing, “My experience in insurance sparked my interest in financial services, as the two often go hand-in-hand, which led me to seek employment with Mengali, a clear leader in accounting in Sonoma County.”

Teylor studied Communications at Santa Barbara City College for 2 years and aims to continue her education with night/online classes in writing, health and nutrition (Kinesiology), and Spanish at SRJC.



Teylor is a native of Rohnert Park but moved to Santa Barbara as a young adult to fulfill

a childhood dream of living on the beach. After a few short years of beach life, Teylor

quickly realized she needed to be back in Sonoma County with her family. She

explored living in various towns throughout the county but ultimately found herself

in Windsor where she immediately knew she wanted to set roots with her

husband, Rob, and their children. “I absolutely love the close-knit community

of sports, schools, young families, and how the Town Green really brings

everyone together,” she expresses.


Whether as a coach or a spectator, Teylor’s nights and weekends are usually

spent at her kids' sporting events. When she manages to catch a short

break in between sports seasons, you can be certain to find her and the family

floating on the lake in their pontoon boat; BBQing, listening to music, and watching

the kids splash around. Teylor confesses, “There is nothing that I enjoy more than a

warm summer evening at the lake, sitting around the fire pit, laughing with family and



If not already apparent, at Teylor’s core is a passion for her family. Teylor’s dad comes

from an Irish upbringing, alongside his 12 siblings and Teylor’s mom is of Mexican

decent and has 9 brothers and sisters! “Needless to say, family has always been a big

part of who I am. Having such a large family, my alone time is rare and valuable,” she

affirms. Teylor’s favorite way to spend that time is finding new ways to enjoy the

outdoors. “I love to go on hikes and I’m always looking for a new trail to explore!”

she declares, adding, “My favorite hike is one that has a steep uphill challenge and a

waterfall at the finish!”


With a devotion for working with kids and teaching them life-skills through sports, Teylor has volunteered as

a youth sports coach since she was just 16 years old; having coached softball, baseball, basketball, cheer, and soccer! Teylor reveals, “As an athlete growing up, my sports coaches were the most impactful mentors in my life and, for that reason, it is my favorite way to give back to the community.”


Teylor has also volunteered for the Rotary Club and Education Foundation and credits them for their focus on the local community's youth and their success. She also finds ways to support the Redwood Empire Food Bank stating, “I love that they encourage my kids to also get involved in helping!”

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