Mengali Accountancy is a boutique CPA and outsourced accounting firm offering back-office financial services to real estate funds, joint ventures, and syndicators. We use robust, enterprise-level technology platforms to drive accuracy, efficiency, and secure data retention. Formed in 2003, we have more than a decade of experience in real estate transactions of all types, including commercial, multifamily housing, ground-up development, redevelopment, tax credit equity, REITs, deed-in-lieu acquisitions, and others nationwide. We have worked with numerous joint-venture partners, including Wells Fargo Real Estate Investment Corporation; Ares Management; Och-Ziff Capital Management; Pacific Coast Capital Partners; ING Realty Partners; The Praedium Group; Buchanan Street Partners; Angelo, Gordon & Co.; Torchlight Investors; Prospect Capital Corporation; PIMCO; McDowell Properties; and The Reliant Group.

Our core values are excellence, accuracy, integrity, dependability, collaboration, and respect, while providing the highest level of service to our clients. You will save a substantial amount of time, energy, and frustration, as well as enjoy peace of mind in knowing that your financial reports are both timely and accurate.



  • Third-party fund administration at ownership level, with custom financial statement reporting

  • Bookkeeping services at ownership level, including bill payment, reconciliations, receivables, payroll, and 1099 filings

  • Analysis of title closing statements and development of acquisition, disposition, and refinance workbooks

  • Property-level financial review and correction, with journal entry adjustments as needed, on either GAAP or tax basis (or both if required)

  • Capital tracking by partner

  • Distributable cash calculations

  • Creation of depreciation and amortization schedules for GAAP or tax basis (or both if required) and ongoing maintenance as required

  • Property tax and prepaid insurance schedule maintenance

  • Accounting for active insurance claims, including lost rents

  • Construction draw payment processing, including optionally calling capital from partners to fund capital improvements and not impact operational cash flows

  • Lender debt covenant management and specialized reporting, if required

  • Business process consulting with custom-designed processes, policies, and procedures

  • Tax return preparation (optional—we also work collaboratively with existing CPA firm relationships)

  • Audit support, working collaboratively with existing CPA firm relationships to provide support and ensure that audit deadline is met

  • Paperless maintenance of all financial documents, using state-of-the-art software

"I was surprised at how much more their services provide beyond managing the books. They educate you on what you need to know and understand without overloading you with information."  
-Barbara Fagan, Partner | Source Point Training, LLC