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Mengali Accountancy proudly added Jeannette to the team in December 2019. While newer to the accounting profession, Jeannette received training from the “Indexing Extraordinaire”, Cathy Palmatier, and she has quickly become an indexing efficiency expert; ensuring the high-volume workflows are constantly moving.

Additionally, Jeannette has been able to provide exceptional assistance using her artistic eye for detail to assure quality control. Enthusiastic about cracking a good indexing "mystery" she is not afraid to ask the necessary questions such as, “What does that note mean? Which fund is that? Who spends that much on a doll?!”


Jeannette has shared that her first impression of Mengali Accountancy was, “that Renee had assembled an outstanding team; and that hasn't changed.” While adjusting to working remotely, she has admitted that, “My work with Mengali is keeping me sane during these self-quarantine weeks.”

Before devoting her efforts to Mengali Accountancy, Jeannette spent 2 years working as a DMV contractor handling sales processing for car dealerships.

Jeannette attended the Santa Rosa Junior College for a certification in art.


Jeannette grew up in Rosemead, California which, if you didn’t know, is where the famous

Rooster Sriracha Sauce was produced. At the age of twelve, her parents wanted to move a safer

place to raise their three daughters and quickly fell in love with Sonoma County while visiting a

friend who had moved here. Moving to Santa Rosa in 1991, Jeannette recalls, “being awed by

the fact that the sky was actually blue instead of brown.”

When Jeannette is not working you will find her spending time with family and friends.

“We might be hiking along the coast, lounging by the Russian River, boating around

Lake Sonoma, or just enjoying a big family dinner in the backyard,” she confirms.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting Jeannette, you’ll quickly notice that she loves

making people laugh. “It's almost an obsession,” she admits, “But, as obsessions go, it's

fairly harmless.” Jeannette also loves music; playing it, listening to it, and writing it. You

might be surprised to learn that Jeannette used to sing at open mic nights around

Sonoma County. “Sometimes I'd play guitar, too,” she divulges, “But usually I just

belted it out a cappella.”

Jeannette is truly passionate about helping people improve their lives and gain a

hope for the future by sharing with them what she has learned from the Bible. “The

Bible contains such a wealth of guidance for finding true happiness and a positive

view of the future under God's government,” she shares. 

Jeannette is active in her congregation and regularly volunteers her time as an educator providing free home Bible studies and emphasizes, “This gives my life real purpose and helps me stay focused on what is truly important. No matter what I'm doing, I always surround myself with the people I love and that makes my life infinitely richer.”

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