Nicole Young

Marcie joined Mengali Accountancy in 2017 bringing with her a genuine passion for helping clients understand the accounting aspect of their businesses emphasizing, “Many times there is a "wall" that business owners place between themselves and their books because prior accountants haven't taken the time to educate the client. I like tearing down that big, scary wall and making accounting, as a whole, an approachable topic and a powerful tool to help people make wise decisions for their businesses.”


Marcie’s background in accounting began at a young age when she would assist the bookkeeper at her dad’s business with the company books. From the age of 13, Marcie has consistently held a bookkeeping position, with only a break while she attended college. Her previous experience includes 4 years with a small CPA firm in Santa Rosa and, prior to that, 4 years as an internal accountant for a travel company with offices in several different countries.


Marcie admits that for a long time she really wanted to pursue forensic accounting, “I have a knack for untangling accounting nightmares, big and small. When I open up a set of books, I can pick up on the true source of the issues rather quickly. Once the issues are discovered, I am pretty good at fixing them or the "clean-up" so that there can be a sense of a fresh start.” But after taking a couple of tax law classes, Marcie knew she had to be involved with tax to some capacity.


In June of 2006, Marcie graduated from the University of California at San Diego with a B.A. in Psychology and B.S. in Animal Physiology and Neuroscience. Marcie received her Accounting Assistant Certificate from the Santa Rosa Junior College in 2010. Marcie is a licensed Certified Public Accountant.


Marcie is a true Healdsburg native, having attended the school district from Kindergarten through

high school. After graduating Healdsburg High School (Go Greyhounds!), Marcie headed to

college in San Diego (UCSD) and swore she would never come back to this “teeny tiny town”.

However, after living in Southern California for over 6 years, she decided to move back and now

can't imagine living anywhere else but near this “teeny, tiny town”.


Outside of the office, Marcie loves staying busy and enjoys “pretty much anything that does

not involve a computer screen”. Occupying the top of her list of favorite things to do is beer

and wine tasting with her husband and dog, spending time with her young niece, playing

around on an ATV, arts and crafts, or home and outdoor projects. “My favorite way to

spend the weekend is with a little bit of work and three times as much fun,” she confesses.


Marcie is a real adrenaline junky and considers herself a huge tomboy at heart. You may also

be surprised to discover that Marcie happens to be rather handy around cars and the house.

“Growing up, I was my father's shadow and I must have absorbed some skills,” she explains,

also admitting, “I love buying tools, even more than I love buying shoes and purses, which

says a lot.”


Passionate about helping her loved ones and making people smile, Marcie enjoys making the lives of others easier, even if it means taking on more things to do. “There is something super rewarding about giving back to those in need,” she expresses. Marcie is also an advocate for the Active 20-30 Club sharing, “I love the great work they do for the underprivileged youth in our community. I believe all children should have the opportunity to be just that: children.” Additionally, Marcie is an avid supporter of The Green Dog Rescue Project.

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