Megan Geissinger, CTEC

Megan discovered just how much she loved working with numbers when she took an accounting class during high school in New Zealand, where she was born and raised. She had the opportunity to move to Sonoma County in 1998 and, while working as a nanny, she decided to further her education and earned the New Zealand Diploma in Business with a focus on accounting and she hopes to finish her Bachelor’s Degree in the next few years.


Megan worked at Weinstein Security and Maureen Weinstein CPA for five years, where she assisted with administrative duties, human resources, and tax preparation. Megan says she loves knowing that her work on the Mengali team has "a big impact on the final result—a satisfied client."


Megan is a registered CTEC Preparer with the California Tax Education Council.


If you’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking with Megan on the phone, you may have noticed

her charming accent. Megan was born and raised in Whakatane, New Zealand. In

1998, the native Kiwi left New Zealand for an adventure to the United States and

received an opportunity to nanny for a family in Santa Rosa. Megan settled in

Sonoma County for a few years but eventually moved to Vacaville with her son,

Cody, and her husband, Jeff. Megan loves spending time with her family and they

can frequently be spotted at their favorite local eateries around Vacaville.

Some of Megan’s other passions include playing volleyball, traveling, taking trips

back home to New Zealand, or visiting family in Canada and Australia. Megan

has traveled to Singapore and toured British Columbia but specifically recalls one

short hiking trip to Yosemite, “We could only camp one night because a bear ate all

our food!” Megan next hopes to travel to Alaska, the Caribbean, or Fiji/Rarotonga

in the South Pacific.

Prior to playing volleyball, Megan was a former tennis wonder and once played

for the 4.0 women’s tennis team from Sebastopol. In 2006, Megan’s team made it to

Nationals taking her to Hawaii for the tournament. Playing doubles, Megan and her

teammate won all of their matches but their team unfortunately lost in the finals

against Puerto Rico.

You may also be surprised to learn that she is scared of heights but has gone skydiving. Megan explains, “I’m not afraid of facing my fears,” and adds, “I have walked right up to the edge of a crater to an active volcano!”


Megan is a true All Blacks rugby fan and big supporter of anything from New Zealand. Go Kiwis!

Megan Geissinger, CTEC