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TechTarget Editorial Highlights Mengali Accountancy DRaaS

Renee Mengali was 3,000 miles away when Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast in October 2012, but the aftermath reverberated all the way to her small CPA firm in northern California. Mengali, president of Healdsburg, California-based Mengali Accountancy, saw her colleagues on the other side of the country go dark in the lead up to tax season and knew she had to do more to protect her own clients' data and solidify her disaster recovery (DR) plan. "It was a humongous eye-opener to me to say, 'I can't let that happen to Mengali," she said. The company sought disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) providers and within a month had a deal in place with Houston-based iland to back up the data in loc

2013-2014 North Bay Go Red For Women

Renee Mengali and her team members Janine Johnson, Megan Geissinger, and Suzy Witherell attended the Go Red for Women luncheon held on May 9, 2014 at the Hyatt Vineyard Creek in Santa Rosa, CA. The event, which included over 400 guests, was created by the American Heart Association as an effort to bring awareness to the number one killer of women; heart disease. Heart disease claims more lives of women each year than all forms of cancer combined. Preceding the luncheon, the event boasted a Champaign reception, silent auction, and a marketplace which included health tests and screenings. The color red could be seen splashed throughout the guests’ attire and accessories, showing their support

iLand Disaster Recovery Case Study

Going paperless meant Mengali Accountancy needed a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity strategy to protect mission-critical client data. The innovative firm then transformed the need to thwart downtime into a unique client benefit. Initially the solution was an investment in a specialized, high-end document management application to enable a truly paperless office. "We went completely digital back in 2007," explains Mengali. "Everything now is digital with electronic workflows." Clients upload documents, Mengali processes them and provides auditors what they need at the appropriate time. This was an IT and business process advantage other accounting firms of Mengali’s size just couldn'

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