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With an appreciation for her dependability and trustworthiness, Noelle was recruited by Renee to join the team in late 2019. In addition to a fresh eye in the accounting field, Noelle brings to the team a professional passion of being able to “do a job and do it well”. She also share’s an excitement for learning new things and Noelle’s keen ability allows her to ask the right questions so she may understand and learn the task thoroughly.

While working remotely, Noelle has gained months of intense indexing experience under her belt expressing, “I feel like I have mapped well the tip of the iceberg that I have explored.”

Noelle’s first impression of Mengali Accountancy was, “that everyone was very efficient and good at their jobs, which was intimidating,” she admits, “But I have found everyone to be nothing but helpful and gracious.” Adding to that she affirms, “I also got the feeling that Mengali Accountancy took good care of their employees; an impression that has been proven correct in the time I've worked here.”

Noelle reveals that she’s not an especially vocal person and prefers to put her feelings into words by writing them and confesses that, “Working remotely is kind of a perfect fit for me.” Adding, “I really appreciate the flexibility that Mengali Accountancy has afforded me so that I can be available to my family and pursue passions that are not work-related.”

Prior to joining the Mengali team, Noelle’s experience included time spent working in a cabinet showroom, a school library, as a nanny, at Trader Joe's, and in the “obligatory” food service industry. “Just to make sure I always treat food service workers with the appropriate respect,” she shares.


Throughout Noelle’s lifetime, since first leaving her hometown, she’s embarked on a slow,

northerly procession. Starting out in Southern California, Noelle moved to Sonoma

County with her family in the early 1990's. In 2007, Noelle progressed on to the

Columbia Gorge at the Oregon/Washington border, in search of more affordable

housing, and remains there to this day.

Outside of work, Noelle can most often be found helping her kids with their homeschooling,

volunteering in Bible education, gardening, trying new recipes, and dancing. “I love to sing

and dance. Though, I'm not very good at either,” she claims and adds, “The PNW weather

has turned my dancing hobby into more of a therapeutic session and I guard the time

for it carefully.” Noelle goes on to share that she really enjoys learning about the

natural world and world cultures as well as finding time for bicycling; specifically, on

roads or trails.

You might be surprised to learn that Noelle graduated high school in tenth grade by

testing out. Passing over college, she headed straight into the work force stating, “I

have enjoyed a variety of jobs in several different fields; the most enjoyable, and

difficult of which, has been motherhood.” Noelle confesses her personal “job of

choice” would most likely be massage therapy explaining, “I am fascinated by the

physical/emotional connection and the benefits to both that bodywork provides.”

Noelle is passionate about helping people find satisfying answers and help for

improving their lives by learning about the Bible. “Although this type of volunteer

work is difficult for me because of my shy disposition, I feel like it is so important and

beneficial that I push myself out of my comfort zone to make myself available.”

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