Mengali Accountancy Recognized as a Two-Time Winner of the 'Best Places to Work in the North Bay

2016 NBBJ Best Places to Work - Mengali Accountancy

[Article Truncated] The North Bay Business Journal’s Best Places to Work award started out humbly in 2006 with 24 winners. The concept was to recognize exceptional employers and highlight the best workplace practices.

This year’s recipients represent nearly 17,000 employees from a broad range of industries. More than 8,000 employee surveys were completed, a record. Over these 11 years, we have learned that the award is important. But the award itself is only part of Best Places to Work.

The larger, long-term value is in the anonymous feedback of employees. Used expertly, this feedback can tell an organization where it is doing well and where it might improve. And the designation can be an invaluable tool for employee attraction and retention.


Companies selected as Best Places to Work in the North Bay were analyzed by the editorial staff of the Business Journal on the basis of several criteria, including the employer application, the survey ratings by employees, the number of responses, size of the company, the breakdown of responses from management and non-management as well as written comments by employees. In all, 98 winners emerged from throughout the North Bay. More than 8,000 employee surveys were submitted.

Nominations for Best Places to Work in the North Bay were sought starting in March. Anyone within a company can nominate their business by completing a simple form. A minimum of 15 employees was required. Nominated companies were then contacted by the Business Journal and invited to submit a company application and to ask employees to complete an online survey.

The survey was set up through Survey Monkey, a widely used online polling service. Companies had about four weeks in June and July to complete the application and survey, for which a minimum number of responses was required, depending on company size. After an analysis of the employer application and online responses, the winners were selected and announced August 17. Winners will be honored at a reception September 29, 2016.


Gary Quackenbush


HEALDSBURG — Mengali Accountancy utilizes advanced technology to create a green, paperless environment for its employees, including up-to-date software that accentuates the workflow and enhances results.

“It’s wonderful to be able to learn so many useful and progressive computer programs that help keep client satisfaction high and our work rewarding. We have a great office with all the resources one could imagine, making this a productive, best place to work.”

COO Debbie Warren says Mengali is a values-drive organization where everyone enjoys coming to work. “We are a truly unique firm that is a trendsetter and a shining example of how a positive workplace can lead to greater success.”

“We do fun things together and lift each other up. All of us collaborate frequently to resolve problems or come up with better, more efficient solutions.”

Promotion is always from within. One staff member started in a clerical position and is now a senior accountant. Self-development is encouraged, and people’s efforts are quickly recognized when they achieve new skillset levels.

There are annual retreats and team-building days, trips to Driven Raceway, Giants games or Safari West, along with an annual dinner. The firm’s charitable involvement includes donations to more than a dozen organizations and volunteer service on nonprofit boards.

“The company is extremely responsive to the unplanned schedules of parenthood — and life in general. The children of my teammates are frequent visitors and are always made to feel welcome. A genuine caring nature permeates the office.”

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